Public Health is People: A History of the Minnesota Department of Health from 1949 to 1999

Public Health is People: A History of the Minnesota Department of Health from 1949 to 1999

The Minnesota Department of Health hired Elisabeth Emerson to write a second history of public health in Minnesota. Below is the fruit of her literary labor in chronicling public health for the years of 1949 to 1999.

Title Page (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1:  The Health of Minnesota -- 1949 to 1955 (PDF) [pages 1-34]

Chapter 2:  Conquered and Almost-Conquered Diseases (PDF) [pages 35-64]

Chapter 3:  Polio:  Minnesota's Crucial Role (PDF) [pages 65-92]

Chapter 4:  The Atomic Age and Public Health (PDF) [pages 93-113]

Chapter 5:  End of an Era -- 1955 to 1970 (PDF) [pages 114-142]

Chapter 6:  Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities (PDF) [pages 143-171]

Chapter 7:  Brick and Mortar of the State Health Department (PDF) [pages 172-187]

Chapter 8:  Environment (PDF) [pages 188-211]

Chapter 9:  The Health of Minnesota -- 1970 to 1978 (PDF) [pages 212-239]

Chapter 10:  Local Health Services (PDF) [pages 240-264]

Chapter 11:  Chronic Disease, Health Promotion (PDF) [pages 265-288]

Chapter 12:  Organizational Changes -- The Board Dissolves (PDF) [pages 289-313]

Chapter 13:  The Health of Minnesota -- 1979 to 1991 (PDF) [pages 314-337]

Chapter 14:  AIDS/STDs (PDF) [pages 338-345]

Chapter 15:  Epidemiology (PDF) [pages 346-358]

Chapter 16:  Targeted Populations (PDF) [pages 359-369]

Chapter 17:  The Health of Minnesota -- 1991 to 1999 (PDF) [pages 370-381]

Chapter 18:  Health Care Access (PDF) [pages 382-383]

Chapter 19:  Public Health Laboratory (PDF) [pages 384-398]

Postscript (PDF) [page 399]

Appendix A:  Minnesota's Health Status (PDF) [pages 400-405]

Appendix B:  Expenditures, Employees, Leadership (PDF) [pages 406-412]

Appendix C:  Organizational Structure of the Department (PDF) [pages 413-427]

Appendix D:  Minnesota State Board of Health Members (PDF) [page 428]

Appendix E:  Hill-Burton Projects (PDF: 1.54MB/7 pages) [pages 429-435]

Appendix F:  33 Recommendations for Programs and Policies, 1954 (PDF) [pages 436-438]

Index (PDF) [pages 439-454]

Consult Philip D. Jordan's The People's Health: A History of Public Health in Minnesota to 1948 for a history of public health in Minnesota for the years 1872 to 1948. The Barr Library at the Minnesota Department of Health has copies available for check out.