Health Care Administrative Simplification

The Health Care Administrative Simplification Act (ASA) of 1994 was enacted to bring about greater standardization and electronic exchange of health care administrative transactions, to reduce administrative costs and burden.

As part of the Act, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)'s Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) develops and administers rules for the standard, electronic exchange of health care administrative transactions, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 62J.536. These rules are commonly referred to as the “Minnesota Uniform Companion Guides.” This work is being undertaken in consultation with a large, voluntary stakeholder organization, the Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC). In addition, CHCPI is also undertaking or assisting with other MDH health care reform and administrative simplification efforts.

See also the fact sheet, Minnesota's Health Care Administrative Simplification Initiative (PDF)


March 26, 2018

newThe Minnesota Department of Health announces adoption into rule of revised Minnesota Uniform Companion Guide for the Implementation of the ASC X12N/005010X279A1 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response (270/271), version 12.0

The primary revision in the v12.0 rule is a clarification of instructions related to compliance with the CAQH-CORE Phase II Operating Rule 260.

v12.0 MDH companion guide rule for the Eligibility Inquiry and Response (270-271) transaction (PDF), with changes from v10.0 (the last previously adopted version) shown in underline-strikeout format.

This v12.0 companion guide rule is effective April 25, 2018. For more information, please see the Minnesota State Register (pages 1151-1152).

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