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The NIH/NAEPP, EPR-3 Revised Asthma Treatment Protocol for Schools

The NIH/NAEPP, EPR-3 has revised their asthma treatment protocol for school personnel that include the option of epinephrine for life-threatening exacerbations of asthma in the school setting.  The specific details of this protocol were worked out by EPR-3 Panel members and the language is consistent with EPR-3.

Educational Tools

Air Quality Guidance for Schools & Child Care Facilities

The color-coded table provides physical activity recommendations based upon the forecasted level of air pollution, the intensity of the activity, and the duration of the physical activity.  The colors on this guidance document are similar to the MPCA AIQ publications.  Use of this table by school personnel and child care staff is voluntary.

The following recommendations for alternatives to outdoor activities on days when the air quality is poor were created by a group of health organizations, school officials and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (California).

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Asthma Triggers
Asthma Triggers - English

Asthma Triggers
Spanish - En

Asthma Triggers - Spanish

Asthma Reference Cards

Asthma Reference Cards
(PDF: 234KB/11 pages)
Print each card on different colored card stock, cut to 4" x 6", laminate, and bind with a one ring binder.


What to Do During an Asthma Attack
(PDF: 132KB/2-sided)
A quick reference guide.

The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program, Winning with Asthma Booklet
(PDF: 3MB/25 pages)
This program was created so coaches could learn about asthma, how it affects an athlete’s ability to compete, and how a coach can help athletes manage their symptoms while playing their very best.

California Breathing

Asthma Education Video For Childcare And Preschool Staff
A comprehensive multimedia training course and resource guide for those working with young children who have asthma in preschools, childcare centers, and family childcare homes.

The American College of Chest Physicians

American College of Chest Physicians Patient Education Resources
The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) is a not-for-profit medical society representing 16,500 members in over 100 countries. Members include specialist physicians, allied health professionals, and PhDs focusing on diseases of the chest. ACCP's mission is to promote the prevention and treatment of diseases of the chest through leadership, education, research, and communication.

ACCP has created instructional sheets on how to use many of today's most common respiratory medications including: diskus, Foradil, Maxair, MDI's, holding chambers/spacers, nebulizer and cleaning.

Hennepin County Medical CenterHennepin County Medical Center Asthma Resources
Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) is a level 1 trauma center located in downtown Minneapolis. This link connects you to their new patient and provider information resource listing of their asthma materials.

Items can be ordered in quantities or printed by downloading the PDF. All items are available in English or Spanish. Both items are very user friendly and complete.

American Lung Association of Minnesota American Lung Association Resources for Health Professionals
This material has been selected to provide the latest asthma diagnosis and management information for clinicians, including; practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists. It is designed to promote sharing of information in standardized formats between all disciplines involved in asthma management. Information has been approved by the CDC and DOH, using NHLBI guidelines.

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