Asthma Education: An Integrated Aproach-Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Asthma Education: An Integrated Approach-Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

The MDH Asthma Program extends special thanks to the MDH Children with Special Health Needs (MCSHN) program for creating this wonderful curriculum specially designed to assist elementary school teachers educate children about asthma. MCSHN’s website is:

Thanks To:

Jan Jernell & Ann O’Fallon (MDH)
Sharon Kaufer Flores & Sharon Rolnick
(HealthPartners Research Foundation)

The Staff and Students at:
Hans Christian Andersen School
Windom Open School

Asthma Education: An Integrated Approach
(PDF: 1.91MB/127 Pages)

Asthma Education: An Integrated Approach contains lessons created by teachers and tested in their elementary classrooms. Each lesson plan is compatible with existing traditional elementary curricula for math, science, health, or language arts. The teachers designed the lesson plans to be simple and easy to use. The lesson plans provide an opportunity to teach all children how to monitor their own health and to teach children who have asthma how to play a role in the management of their condition.

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