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Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)

AUC Newsletter: December 22, 2016 AUC Newsletter (PDF)


Focus-Improving particular administrative transactions/processes


Health care eligibility benefit inquiry and response (270/271)

Claims Data Definition

Health care claims: Professional (837P), Institutional (837I) and Dental (837D)

Pharmacy claim/reversal submission and response (NCPDP D.0)

Medical Code

Common medical coding across payers for the 837P, 837I, and 837D

Explanation of Benefits/ Remittance Advice

Health care claim payment/advice (835)


Health care claim acknowledgment (277CA)

Implementation acknowledgment for health care insurance (999)

Interchange acknowledgment segment (TA1)

Prescription Drug Electronic Prior Authorizations

Create a companion guide for electronic prior authorizations (ePA) for prescription drugs.

ACO Data Analytics

Recommend standard formats for exchanging member contact, demographic, and associated responsible provider data as part of data analytics furnished by health plans to providers participating in accountable health models.

Home Health Prior Authorization Form

Review a proposed single, common form for home health care prior authorizations.

Additional TAGs



Monitors state and federal legislative activity, develops AUC-identified legislative proposals, reviews the Administrative Simplification Act for necessary changes/updates




Serves as AUC committee of the whole for oversight, strategy, priorities; reviews and approves AUC work products and recommendations


Guides and informs Operations Committee, serves as liaison to Minnesota Department of Health and other organizations


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