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AUC Year End Update - 2004

The information contained in this document represents the major activities of the Minnesota AUC for 2004. Any questions or concerns about the AUC can be directed to the Minnesota Department of Health at (651) 282-6343 or via e-mail at

  • Minnesota Statutes Chapter 62J Updated Language Legislation
    AUC will have legislation sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health in regard to updating the language in 62J.

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) Workgroup
    The NPI workgroup is working on a list of providers that will be eligible to apply for an NPI. This is a work in process and continues to be developed.

  • MN HIPAA Collaborative
    The MN HIPAA Collaborative group has completed its work on the Enhanced Eligibility to meet the eligibility determination needs of Minnesota providers. Recently, they reviewed the 824 transaction set and the Implementation guide and application report for the 5010 version. The group has continued funding for 2005 so they will continue their work toward consistency in Minnesota.

  • Dental Manual
    The American Dental Association Dental Manual has been published and was effective December 8, 2004. It can be reviewed at

  • EOB/Remittance Manual
    The EOB/Remittance Manual will be published in early 2005. The rule will be effective June 30, 2007. Payers and providers are welcome to adopt these criteria earlier than the effective date.

  • HCPCS Subcommittee Updates
    It was announced at the HCPCS Committee meeting that all payers will be ready to accept the new codes on January 1, 2005.

    The 2005 HCPCS manual is on the Department of Human Services website at:

  • CMS 1500 Manual
    The Data Definitions Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of the AUC completed its work on the fifth update to the Minnesota Standards for the Use of the CMS 1500 Claim Form manual. It is available through the Minnesota Bookstore and was effective May 19, 2004. It is also posted on the AUC website at

  • National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC)
    The NUBC has made the proposed UB04 available for comment at:
    Comments are due on February 1, 2005.

  • National Uniform Coding Committee (NUCC)
    The NUCC has proposed changes to the CMS 1500 (formerly the HCFA 1500) form and invite comments. Comments are due by February 15, 2005. The draft 1500 can be reviewed at:
    Any comments need to be directed to the NUCC via email at:

  • AUC Has New Chair/Co-Chair for 2005
    The AUC would like to thank Sue Lanigan, of Health East, for her leadership and devotion to the AUC Chair position during 2004. We would also like to welcome our new Chair, Stacey Alsdurf of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and Gretchen Thomson, of St. Mary's Duluth Clinic as Co-Chair for 2005.

  • AUC Meeting Dates for 2005
    The AUC meeting dates for 2005 can be viewed at

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