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Best Practices - Claims

(837I, 837P, 837D, NCPDP D.0)

Minnesota AUC best practice documents are consensus recommendations of the AUC to further standardize and harmonize health care administrative transactions for providers and group purchasers. While adoption or adherence to the best practices is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged to further reduce health care administrative burdens and costs.

Minnesota AUC Best Practice v5010

MN Community Coding Grid of Medical Coding Recommendations (for only 837I and 837P) (PDF)

Payer to Payer Coordination of Benefits (COB) (PDF)

Note: MS §62J.536 does not apply to payer to payer COB.
Formatting, Submitting Patient Control/Account Numbers (PDF)
When to Use Taxonomy Code(s) (PDF)

Attachments (completing and sending an attachment that is related to a submitted claim) (PDF)

Note: Claims attachments and cover sheets should be sent to the appropriate group purchaser. Do NOT send them to MDH or AUC.
Claim Service Dates Restricted to Same Calendar Month (PDF)

Replacement/Void Claims (PDF)

Note: Replacement claims may also be referred to as "corrected claims;" void claims may also be referred to as "cancel claims."

Appeals (submitting an appeal by a provider to a Minnesota group purchaser) (PDF)

Note: Claims appeal request forms should be sent to the appropriate group purchaser and not MDH or AUC. The attachment cover sheet must not be sent with the appeal request form.
Billing for Postage Services (PDF)
Billing for Covered and Non-Covered Services (e.g. elective, cosmetic, upgrade procedures) (PDF)
Examples for NTE and PWK Usage (PDF)


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