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Best Practices - HIX Grace Period Notifications

(835, 270/271, 277CA)

Minnesota AUC best practice documents are consensus recommendations of the AUC to further standardize and harmonize health care administrative transactions for providers and group purchasers. While adoption or adherence to the best practices is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged to further reduce health care administrative burdens and costs.

The best practices below are for use with the applicable version 5010 transactions.

Minnesota AUC Best Practice v5010

Reference # Best Practice Title/Topic


ASC X12N/005010X221 Health Care Claim Remittance/Advice (835) (PDF)

ASC X12/005010X279A1 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response (270/271) (PDF)
ASC X12/005010X214E2 Health Care Claim Acknowledgment (277CA) (PDF)

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