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The AUC Medical Code Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides clarification and answers to frequently asked questions about recommended ways to code for health and medical services and also addresses new code standards pertaining to administrative simplification uniformity in Minnesota.

This work is accomplished formally through the AUC SBAR Process, which includes review of the completed AUC SBAR form and the Medical Code TAG (MCT) Decision Tree form submitted by AUC member organizations and other interested parties requesting AUC address administrative simplification medical coding issues pertinent to Minnesota.

SBAR coding decisions recommended by the MCT and approved by the AUC may be recorded in the Minnesota Community Coding Practice/Recommendation Table described below.

Minnesota Community Coding Practice/Recommendation Table (PDF)

The Minnesota Community Coding Practice/Recommendation Table (aka Recommendation Grid) is a living document that is intended for use in conjunction with Appendix A of the Minnesota Uniform Companion Guides for the 837 professional and institutional transactions.

The Recommendation Grid is regularly updated with new coding recommendations or clarifications and answers to coding issues SBARs. Coding clarifications in this table may be transferred to the applicable 837P and 837I MUCGs as part of the annual companion guides maintenance.

Updates in the table may stem from quarterly HCPCS coding changes, medical coding in relation to legislative changes; new or revised Medicare rules; and other coding issues as identified.

AUC SBAR Process
States the purpose of the SBAR form and provides a summary and illustration of the AUC SBAR process as well as a step-by-step description of the process.

The AUC SBAR form is completed to formally request the AUC to consider working on medical coding issues related to administrative simplification or to request clarification of Minnesota rules and regulations related to medical coding issues.

MCT Decision Tree Form
The AUC Medical Code TAG (MCT) utilizes the MCT Decision Tree form to aid in its decision making process when reviewing SBARs submitted to the MCT.

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