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Minnesota AUC Administrative Simplification

Communications TAG

Activation Date of TAG: 1994

Inactivation Date of TAG: 2006

Mission Statement:

  • To communicate results of AUC activities and to define the status of AUC activities in reference to requirements under the Administrative Simplification Act (Minn. Statutes, sections 62J.50 - 62J.61).
  • To provide opportunities for feedback to AUC from any concerned entity or stakeholder.
  • To define mechanisms for distribution of materials developed by the AUC, including manuals, procedures, definitions, and other documents.
  • To ensure that the results of the work of the AUC are widely disseminated to all affected parties.


  • Letterhead for AUC member use
  • Description of AUC mission, history and objectives for use by interested entities
  • Maintenance of New Member Packet and AUC membership rosters
  • Press release on election of new AUC Chair
  • Letter describing the role of the AUC
  • AUC web site
  • AUC Presentation to Governor Pawlenty's Health Cabinet

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