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Membership/Policy and Procedure
Technical Advisory Group

Activation Date: 1/1/2007, and then merged in January, 2009

Inactivation Date of TAG: January, 2011

Charge to TAG and Mission Statement of Work:
The Membership/ Policy & Procedure TAG is responsible for issues related to AUC membership and the development of all AUC policies and procedures. This TAG will develop a job description for an AUC member, review the membership of all TAGs to ensure all AUC members are represented on the TAGs according to AUC bylaws, review member attendance and make necessary recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Work Plan and/or Accomplishments for TAG:
Developed TAG charter template in conjunction with the Department of Health.
Developed the roles and responsibilities of the TAG co-chairs in conjunction with the Department of Health.
Developed the policy and procedure template.
11 policies and procedures were written and posted to the AUC website.

Work Product to be Developed by TAG:
Attendance tracking with periodic reports for the Executive Committee.
On-going review of AUC bylaws for updates/changes
Develop additional policies when necessary

Work Groups under TAG: N/A

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