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Mission Statement:
The HCPCS Committee is an independent entity whose mission is to provide consistent interpretation of HCPCS (HCFA Common Procedure Coding System) guidelines for use by providers and third party payers. The committee is responsible for updating the Minnesota HCPCS manual.

We accomplish our mission by review and resolution of HCPCS coding issues that are of general concern to a broad audience of payers and providers. The committee promotes uniformity of HCPCS code usage and interpretation among payers and providers. The HCPCS Committee acknowledges that payers and providers may have individual constraints in implementing coding uniformity. The committee does not address ICD-9-CM diagnosis coding or reimbursement issues.

2006 Closed Item List (PDF)

2006 HCPCS Manual (PDF)

2005 Closed Item List (PDF)

2004 Closed Item List (PDF)

2003 Closed Item List (PDF)

2002 Closed Item List (PDF)

2001 Closed Item List (PDF)

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