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Charge and mission statement of work

Provide clarification, examples, and recommendations regarding Health Plan Identifier/Other Entity Identifier (HPID/OEID) concept and recently adopted federal rules. Develop best practices, FAQs, and other technical assistance to raise awareness of HPID/OEID and to encourage successful implementation and use of the identifiers.

Work plan and/or accomplishments

Items within the Scope of the TAG are:
  • Enumeration approach: Identify and disseminate payer HPID enumeration approach and strategies. Identify any issues with national enumerator (HPOES).
  • Enumeration communication: Develop appropriate methods to communicate payer HPID/OEID to providers, clearinghouses, etc. Develop FAQ’s best practice of what payers are doing.
  • Enumeration support: Determine how AUC would disseminate information from a payer perspective. Brainstorm enumeration schema or granularity.
  • HPID Usage: Identify/recommend potential usages for HPID/OEID outside of mandated use within HIPAA transactions.
  • Business Scenarios: Identify potential business scenarios and how they may be resolved when HPID/OEID replaces current payer-id.
  • Transaction Usage/Impacts: Identify HPID/OEID usage/population within current HIPAA transactions. Coordinate with affected transaction TAGs.
  • Federal Rule updates: Monitor and respond to any changes in federal rules for HPID/OEID through current implementation date of 11/7/2016.
  • Testing: Monitor testing dates/schedules between MN payers and providers. Recommend potential testing approaches, etc.
  • Implementation: Monitor readiness of payers, providers, clearinghouses, etc. to transmit & accept HPID/OEID. Recommend strategies during “dual use” implementation period. Identify potential implementation issues.
  • Conduct MN payer/provider HPID/OEID readiness surveys.
  • Industry Monitoring: Monitor and report on HPID/OEID developments and activities at national organizations/forums such as WEDI and AHIP.

Work product to be developed

  1. FAQs: Develop appropriate FAQs in support of above scope items
  2. Best Practices: develop appropriate best practices in support of above scope items

Work groups

Additional sub-work groups to be created/utilized as needed.

Activation or re-activation date: April 25, 2013

Inactivation date: N/A

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