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Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC)
The Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC) is a voluntary, broad-based group representing Minnesota health care public and private payers, hospitals, health care providers and state agencies, working to standardize, streamline, and simplify health care administrative processes.

Administrative Simplification in Minnesota
As part of the of the Health Care Administrative Simplification Act (ASA) of 1994, the Minnesota Department of Health's (MDH) Center for Health Care Purchasing Improvement (CHCPI) develops and implements rules (i.e., Minnesota uniform companion guides) for the standard, electronic exchange of health care administrative transactions pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 62J.536 and related rules. This work is being undertaken in consultation with the AUC.


December 17, 2014

newMinnesota Department of Health (MDH) announces proposed updates to Minnesota Uniform Companion Guide rules for Health Care Claims transactions (837 Institutional, 837 Professional, and 837 Dental) and 30-day public comment period December 22, 2014

Minnesota State Register (MDH Official Notice Section) published December 15, 2014 (PDF: 161KB/4 pgs) with additional information and instructions for submitting public comments

November 21, 2014

newThe November 21, 2014 AUC Newsletter (PDF: 417KB/6pgs) is now available.

November 10, 2014

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announces proposed updates to Minnesota Uniform Companion Guide rules for the Eligibility Inquiry and Response (ASC X12 270-271) and Payment/Advice (835) transactions and 30-day public comment period November 10, 2014 - December 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

The AUC eHandbook (PDF: 517KB/8pgs) is now available on the AUC website.

The AUC eHandbook  provides an illustrative overview of the Administrative Uniformity Committee’s (AUC) current organizational structure and past accomplishments. The eHandbook also includes brief descriptions for some of the AUC’s policies and operating procedures. Its use is intended for potential and new members as well as other individuals interested in learning about the AUC and its members.

Archive of news and notices posted on the AUC website within the past year

Collection of Minnesota Department of Health's (MDH) "Implementation and Compliance Updates"

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