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Explanation of Benefits (EOB)/Remittance Advice TAG

This TAG is focused on creating and maintaining a common companion guide for the 835/Remittance Advice.

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*Teleconference and WebEx ONLY*
Dial-in #:605-475-2874, Access Code: 337213
WebEx, Password: Eob2010!

2017 Time Materials Minutes
February 21 1-2:30pm 2/21/17 Meeting Materials (PDF)  
March 20 1-2:30pm 3/20/17 Meeting Materials (PDF)  
April 17 1-2:30pm CANCELLED  
May 15 1-2:30pm    
June 19 1-2:30pm    
July 17 1-2:30pm    
August 21 1-2:30pm    
September 18 1-2:30pm    
October 16 1-2:30pm    
November 20 1-2:30pm    
December 18 1-2:30pm    

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