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LTC Technical Advisory Group

Activation or Re-activation Date: 3/8/2010

Inactivation Date: 9/26/2011

Charge to TAG and Mission Statement of Work:

Meet with LTC and hospital representatives to develop a standard data set of patient items that are necessary to send to a LTC facility for placement decisions and patient care after a hospital stay. 

Work Plan and/or Accomplishments for TAG:

Review current data sets from participating providers and LTC facilities. 
Determine if any data elements are missing, not needed or need clarification.
Publish a Best Practice data set to be required when sending patient information to LTC facilities. Research existing data sets which may serve as examples when developing project. Consider any electronic standards which are under development.

Items within the Scope of the TAG are:

  • Develop a standard patient data set and instructions.
  • Propose timing of when data is required to be sent.
  • Consider disease specific information.

Items NOT within the Scope of the TAG at this time are:

  • Internal hospital and LTC facility workflows
  • Data set requirements for patient transfers to Home Care and Hospice facilities
  • Methods of delivery of the data.

Work Product to be Developed by TAG:
Publish a list of standard patient information necessary to send to a LTC for purposes of patient placement and continuum of care. 

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