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The AUC welcomes new members to actively participate and help us work toward standardized administrative processes. The AUC (PDF) is made up of an Executive Committee, an Operations Committee, and various Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). Members must appoint two individuals from their organization to serve on the Operations Committee. The AUC Executive Committee consists of payer representative(s) and provider representative(s) who volunteer to serve for a minimum of two years, in an alternating role as chair. Members are also expected to actively participate in various TAGs by appointing at least two individuals from their organization to join in the work.

If you are considering becoming a member, please review the membership criteria in the Mission Statement, History and Governing Principles (PDF) for each TAG and attend an Operations Committee meeting. Prospective member organizations that meet membership criteria (PDF) can request membership by completing a brief Membership Request Letter (DOC), and e-mailing that completed letter to New AUC members are voted on by the Operations Committee.


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