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Out-of-Scope SBARs

Below are SBARs that were submitted to the AUC for consideration and were determined to be out-of-scope for the AUC.

Click the SBAR link to review full most current version of the SBAR.

Information regarding submission of SBARs and the SBAR process can also be accessed from the left navigation pane by clicking the Forms or Coding link.

Details for each SBAR listed are as follows:

  • Brief Description - excerpts of the issue(s) described in the situation, background, assessment, and/or recommendation sections of the SBAR
  • AUC Response - brief summary of the resolution approved by the full AUC
  • Approved Coding - only for coding issue(s)
  • Disposition - status of the SBAR
  • Most Recent Version of SBAR - complete SBAR submitted with resolution now in effect
  • Past/Duplicate SBARs - withdrawn/resubmitted/same issue or topic titled differently

008 Birthing Center - Family Planning Services

010 Birthing Center - Newborn Facility Fee

012 Birthing Center - Place of Service

016 Care Coordination Services for MN Managed Care Plans

029 Eye Exam Codes

035 Home Care Billing

036 Intensive Care Management of Obesity

071 Intensive Outpatient MH Program for Women with Children Ages 0-5 years

056 PCA Numbering System for Home Care

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