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SBARs with AUC Responses

When more than one SBAR has been submitted for the same issue/topic, the SBAR found under the Most Recent Version of SBAR heading is the most current and any applicable best practice or Minnesota rule addressed in the AUC response is in effect and is to be followed per instructions.

Click the SBAR link to review summary of the most current version of the SBAR. To view the full, completed SBAR, click the link to the SBAR under Most Recent Version of SBAR.

Information regarding submission of SBARs and the SBAR process can also be accessed from the left navigation pane by clicking the Forms or Coding link.

Summary of each SBAR listed are as follows:

  • Brief Description - excerpts of the issue(s) described in the situation, background, assessment, and/or recommendation sections of the SBAR
  • AUC Response - brief summary of the resolution approved by the full AUC
  • AUC Approval Date - date recommendation(s) was approved by the AUC
  • Approved Coding - only for coding issue(s)
  • Disposition - status of the SBAR
  • Most Recent Version of SBAR - complete SBAR submitted with resolution now in effect
  • Past/Duplicate SBARs - withdrawn/resubmitted/same issue or topic titled differently

002 Alternate Care Site Billing

074 APR-DRG 835


004 AUC Claims Attachment Cover Sheet

014 C&TC Screenings

067 Community Health Worker Modifier

025 Doula Services

068 Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) Modifier - Addendum

028 E-visits Clarification

030 Family Memory Care

032 Health and Behavior Codes

034 Health Club Membership - Moving Home MN

036 Intensive Care Management of Obesity

040 IONM Clarification

042 Labor Epidurals Billing

044 Mental Health Clinical Care Consultation

069 Mental Health Service Plan Development Update

052 Modifiers 76, 77 & 91

054 Newborn Screening

050 MN Universal OP MH Authorization Form

077 Partial Hospitalization Weekly

058 Pre Auth for Home Care Form

060 Public Health Nurse Services Updates

062 Removal of Impacted Cerumen

064 Teledentistry Legislated Benefit


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