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Executive Committee

This committee ensures efficient and effective communication between the Operations Committee, TAGs and the Strategic Steering Committee.


 • Dave Andersen  952-992-2038

 • Mary Myslajek  612-873-3320

 • Tony Rinkenberger  952-442-2191

Meeting Information

Mission statement of work

The Mission of the AUC Executive Committee is to assist the AUC in developing agreement among Minnesota medical and dental group purchasers and providers on standardized administrative processes when implementation of the processes will reduce administrative costs. Further, the Executive Committee serves to support the active participation of the AUC in ongoing administrative simplification, standardization and implementation of State and National health care reform efforts. The AUC Executive Committee also serves as a liaison between the AUC Operations Committee and the Minnesota Department of Health.

Work plan

The Executive Committee delivers strategic direction from the AUC Strategic Steering Committee (SSC) to the AUC Operations Committee, and brings issues and recommendations from the Operations Committee to the SSC. The Executive Committee assists the Operations Committee in developing strategies for and evaluating the progress of various AUC healthcare administrative simplification projects.

The AUC Executive Committee communicates with the SSC and plans all SSC meetings. The AUC Executive Committee develops and distributes AUC Operations meeting information. The Executive Committee reviews the need for new Operations Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) and forwards recommendations to the AUC Operations Committee. The Executive Committee also evaluates the effectiveness of all Executive Committee TAGs and Operations Committee TAGs, and makes recommendations for improvements.

Work product oversight by committee

Current work product under development pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 62J.536: The Executive Committee is assisting the AUC in development of the following Minnesota Uniform, Standard Companion Guides for Health Care:
  • Eligibility Inquiry and Response Electronic Transactions (270/271);
  • Claims Professional Electronic Transactions (837P);
  • Claims Institutional Electronic Transactions (837I);
  • Claims - Dental Electronic Transactions (837D);
  • Pharmacy Electronic Transactions (NCPDP5.1);
  • Explanation of Benefits Remittance Advice Electronic Transactions (835);
  • Agendas for meetings and information requested by the Strategic Steering Committee;
  • Agendas for meetings and information requested by the Operations Committee

Activation or re-activation date: December 2006

Inactivation date: N/A

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