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The Minnesota Health Information Clearinghouse is a resource for health-related information and publications. We answer questions and make referrals when necessary to sources who can provide further information or assistance. Our clients include consumers, employers, providers, health plans, government agencies, and others. We provide information and publications mainly about the following topics.


New publication: "Minnesota Health Care Spending and Projections, 2010" (PDF: 348KB/24 pages), July 2012.
An annual report to the legislature providing detailed estimates of actual health care spending in Minnesota in 2010 with projections of future spending. Shows health care spending grew at a rate of 2.2 percent in Minnesota in 2010 totaling $37.7 billion.

New publication: "Fact Sheet, March 2012, Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota, Early Results from the 2011 Minnesota Health Access Survey" (PDF: 165KB/8 pages). This latest survey shows about 9.1 percent or 490,000 people were uninsured statewide in 2011. It compares this survey's results with previous years and discusses trends in the rate of uninsurance in Minnesota. Includes demographic and employment characteristics of uninsured Minnesotans compared to total population. The Minnesota Department of Health, Health Economics Program publishes this Fact Sheet.

HMO Service Areas
Health Maintenance Organizations in Minnesota has service area maps for each HMO.

Medical Records
"Maximum Charges for Patient Records," (PDF: 37.89KB, 1 page) lists the new 2015 copying and retrieval charges. When copying and retrieval charges are allowed, the maximum copying charge is $1.34 per page and a $17.79 retrieval charge. The fact sheet provides references to the Minnesota statute, Minnesota Rules, and the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule that address copying charges for patient records. It states copying charges for worker's compensation medical records are different and to contact the Minnesota Department of Labor at 651 284-5032 for that information.

Lower Cost Prescription Drug Resources
"Low Cost Options for Prescription Drugs," (PDF: 28.45KB/5 pages) has been updated. It is a list of resources for obtaining lower cost prescription drugs. It is published by the Managed Care Systems Section at the Minnesota Department of Health.

"Minnesota's Official Source for Health Reform Information"
In 2008 Minnesota passed a state health reform law and in 2010 the federal government passed a federal health reform law. This new website on health reform includes specific information on how the new health reform laws affect individuals and businesses in Minnesota. There is also information on health insurance and options for coverage, the health insurance exchange, health care costs, quality and coordination of health care delivery, preventing disease and promoting health, paying for home care and nursing home services, and building the future health care workforce. The website is a project of the Minnesota Office of the Governor, the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The "Health Care Choices for Minnesotans on Medicare" (PDF: 4.2MB/199pages) publication is now available in print and on line. This comprehensive publication provides information about Medicare, lists Medicare plans available to Minnesotans with details about each plan, and provides information on long-term care and many topics of interest to seniors. Call the Minnesota Senior LinkAge Line® at 1-800-333-2433 for a print copy. The 199-page publication is produced by the Minnesota Board on Aging, Senior LinkAge®.

Federal HealthCare.gov website
Lists health plans available in each state. The web site is also available in Spanish at www.CuidadodeSalud.gov. Provides information so consumers can find insurance options, learn about benefits, compare care quality, and understand the provisions of the new health reform law.

Federal Health Reform Law, signed March 23, 2010
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590), Public Law No. 111-148
For summaries, details, effective dates of the law see the following web sites:

Minnesota Health Reform
Minnesota's Health Reform Initiative provides information on recent legislation that deals with health reform. Sections of the site include information on Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), health care homes, payment reform including quality measurement and cost/quality transparency, e-Health, insurance coverage and affordabilty, and information on other bill requirements.

Collaboration Plan 2015 - 2019
Collaboration Plans provide information on what health maintenance organizations will do during the next four years to meet identified public health goals for the communities in the areas they service. Minnesota Statute 62Q.075 requires that collaboration plans be filed with the Commissioner of Health and describes the filing requirements, the information to be included in the plan, and the details of the review process.

The Minnesota Council of Health Plans (MCHP) on behalf of its members prepared this collaboration plan from information provided to them by the health plans. The health plans include Blue Cross Blue Shield/Blue Plus of Minnesota, HealthPartners, Medica, Metropolitan Health Plan, PreferredOne, Sanford Health Plan of Minnesota, and UCare.

To request a printed copy of the Collaboration Plan for 2015 - 2019 contact the Clearinghouse at (651) 201-5178 or 1-800-657-3793.

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