More Publications of Interest on Insurance Coverage

These online publications provide detailed information to help you understand the various types of insurance coverage and other health coverage that is available. Includes general information on how to buy health insurance or get health coverage:

Understanding Private Health Insurance, 2006 (PDF)

• Elements of Good Health Insurance Coverage
What’s Good Health Insurance Coverage?
What to Look for and What to Avoid
• Being an Informed, Proactive Policy Holder
Special Worksheet to Help You Evaluate Your Health Insurance Choices
• Know Your Rights
• Insurance Transitions - What They are and How to Navigate Them
• Places to go for more information

Download to view:
National Endowment for Financial Education
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

Publications and information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Health Insurance: What You Need to Know When Applying for an Individual Health Insurance Policy, February 2008, NAIC Consumer Alert

How Private Health Coverage Works: A Primer 2008 Update, April 2008 (PDF)
Report #7766

• What is Private Health Coverage?
• How is Private Health Coverage Delivered
Types of organizations that provide private health coverage, Types of private health plans, Risk Pooling, Underwriting, and Health Coverage
• Regulation of Private Health Coverage
State regulation of health insurance, Federal laws governing health insurance, ERISA, HIPAA, Other federal laws that affect private health insurance

For a print copy call 650-854-9400
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit private operating foundation, based in Menlo Park, California, dedicated to producing and communicating the best possible information, research and analysis on health issues.

A Consumer’s Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in Minnesota, January 2006
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute


Medicare and Medicaid, A Health Care Safety Net for People with Serious Disabilities and Chronic Conditions, 2006 (PDF)

• Social Security Disability Determination: A Doorway to Public Benefits When, Where and How to Apply for Social Security Disability Determination
• Medicare for People with Disabilities
An Overview of Medicare Parts A, B, C & D
• Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income People with Disabilities and Others Other Places for People with Disabilities and Their Families to Seek Medical Coverage
• Help is Available for Individuals and Families
• Directory of Medicaid Offices for Every State.

Download to view:
National Endowment for Financial Education
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute


Health Care Costs: A Primer, March 2009 (PDF)
Report #7670
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Additional health care cost publications and information is on the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

Options for Avoiding and Managing Medical Debt, 2006 (PDF)
• Sources of Free Health Care
Places to go for free health care
• Negotiating Discounts for Medical Care
• Managing Medical Debt
• Bankruptcy
Answering Questions about Bankruptcy
• Credit Reports and Scores
What You Need to Know About Credit Reports and Credit Scores

For a free copy or to download to view:
National Endowment for Financial Education
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

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