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Topics of Interest

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Topics of Interest:

Low Cost Health Care Resources
See the Guide to Additional Health Care Resources for a listing of low cost health care resources. These include resources to locate low cost clinics.

Dental Care for Children - Free Give Kids a Smile, Free Dental Care for Children. The annual free dental care for children whose families who cannot afford dental care is usually offered the first Friday and Saturday in February. The Minnesota Dental Association web site has details about this service including participating dental clinics. Click on Give Kids a Smile. Each child needs an appointment to be seen.

Health Care Quality and Cost
Information on health care quality and cost in Minnesota is available on a Web site created by the Governor's Health Cabinet. This site includes sections on Comparing Cost and Quality, Assuring Quality Care, Buying Health Care, Managing Your Health Condition, Staying Healthy with links to other resources.

Prescription Coverage
Medicare Part D Open Enrollment occurs each year. During this time enrollees can make changes to their Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. The Medicare web site encourages enrollees to make changes by early December of each year to assure prescription coverage is available right away January 1.

The Minnesota Board on Aging publishes the Health Care Choices for Minnesotans on Medicare booklet with information for seniors. Print copies are available from the Senior LinkAge Line® A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors 1-800-333-2433. This publication includes information about Medicare Part D and lists Medicare Part D plans available to Minnesotans. The previous publisher, the Minnesota Senior Federation, ended operation in June 2009.

Check these websites to compare cost and quality of prescription drugs:

  • helps users locate information about the quality of a prescription drug, specifically the effectiveness of the drug and its side effects. It also provides information on ways to save money on certain drugs. Their booklet Helping Medicare Beneficiaries Lower Their Out-of-Pocket Costs under the New Prescription Drug Benefit provides seniors with information they may want to use to help lower their drug costs. The web site is produced by the Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of "Consumer Reports."


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