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Leadership and Training

Institute for Participatory Management and Planning (IPMP)
Offers several courses on working with the public and has developed a citizen participation handbook.

An initiative of the Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America, which called for multi-year dialogue on how to build bonds of civic trust among Americans and their communities.

Interaction Institute for Social Change
Seeks to build leadership capacity, foster connectivity, and facilitate concerted action.

Community Matters
Serves as a source of information, expertise and programs to empower young people to be effective peacemakers and involved citizens who transform their schools and communities.

Center for Excellence in Nonprofits
Provides in-depth leadership development and continuous improvement programs through an innovative learning community model.

Exponent Philanthropy (formerly Association of Small Foundations)
A membership organization for donors, trustees, employees, and consultants of foundations that have few or no staff.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management
Devoted to capacity-building and aiding organizations that help nonprofits.

Communities and Participation

AHEC/Community Partners
Offers community- and coalition-building tip sheets and other materials; consulting is focused on smart internet technology, health coverage expertise, and making outreach work.

America Speaks
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization interested in examining the structures and processes of governance and citizen participation.

Asset-Based Community Development Institute
Focuses on building community capacity, uses community-based participatory research to allow communities to achieve their own objectives, works directly with students to build future capacity, and produces community-building publications and other resources.

Awakening Participation: Building Capacity for Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making (PDF)
Regional Environmental Center
Contains modules and worksheets designed to increase community participation and build capacity.

Online Community Toolkit
Full Circle Associates
Provides links to tips, tools and ideas for building or hosting an online community.

Jefferson Center
Provides tools for decision-makers to access citizen opinion more effectively and comprehensively on issues of public significance.

Participation and Civic Engagement Group
World Bank; Social Development Department
Works to enhance capacity for participatory processes and social accountability; has developed analytical instruments to assess constraints to the effectiveness of civil society.

Community Research Network
A trans-national network of research and grassroots organizations conducting community-based research for social change.

International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
An international organization of members seeking to promote and improve the practice of public participation in relation to individuals, governments, institutions, and other entities affecting public interest.

Guide to Community Preventive Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]
A free resource to help organizations choose programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease in their communities; based on systemic questions about efficacy, community fit, cost, and ROI.

Principles of Community Engagement
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]

Limited English Proficiency
A federal, inter-agency site providing organizations with information on regulations regarding language access.

Develops effective, sustainable and locally-rooted solutions to poverty, through collaboration between leaders and leading institutions.

Toolkit for Community Action
National Partnership for Action
Provides tools to help engage citizens and local media as they spread the word about health disparities and educate others about the impact disparities have in the lives of individuals and the greater impact on society.

Cross-Cultural Health Care Program
Helps ensure underserved communities have full access to quality health care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
Contains publications, case studies, and tools to increase community engagement in health.

Community Health
Empowering women to live healthier lives.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]
Tracks health conditions and risk behaviors in all fifty states.

Healthy People 2020
An overview of Healthy People 2020, which tracks approximately 1,200 objectives organized into 42 topic areas; includes information on baseline data, data sources, targets, demographics.

State and Territorial Healthy People Plans
Healthy People 2020
An online peer resource center to view and download the latest Healthy People 2020 resources from the field.

Program Evaluation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]
Provides access to materials used and developed by the CDC's working group on evaluation and public health.