Ground Rules for Cross-Cultural Dialogue - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Ground Rules: Cross-Cultural Dialogue

photo of children drumming
  • We will engage with each other as a circle of individuals with thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences—we will recognize that we are more than just the job we do every day.
  • We will respect the right to disagree-respectfully.
  • We will express our real concerns as they relate to our own perspective.
  • We will look for common goals and interests.
  • We will open ourselves to different points of view.
  • We will listen carefully to the ideas of others-one person talking at a time.
  • We will ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.
  • We will allow the facilitator to keep the discussion moving. We will respect the timelines of the agenda.
  • We will try to stay on the theme of discussion.
  • We will be sensitive to the diversity in communication styles-understand some are linear conversationalists and some are storytellers. We will remain patient!

Adapted From: Cultural Complementarity Model, United Way Twin Cities