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So, how do you "do" community engagement?

rallyThere are as many different ways to "do" community engagment as there are different communities. Different strategies will work better for different parts of the community and under different circumstances. In addition, the use of multiple, overlapping strategies is usually the most effective. Strategies include hosting and participating in community meetings, focus groups, interviews, talking circles, special events and more.

Different sets of skills are also needed in community engagement, including data collection (qualitative and quantitative), data analysis, facilitation, and more. In addition, there are many ready-to-use tools that can assist with various aspects of engaging a community.

You will find resources and information on how to chooose tools, important strategies and skills, tools, as well information on evaluating your success linked from this page.

Things to Know When Choosing Tools

Strategies and Skills


Evaluating Your Success

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