Choosing Programs for Community Engagement - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Choosing Programs: Is This Program Right for Us?

If you are developing your own program, or are adapting an existing program, there are some points to consider before you implement it. Use this worksheet to determine if the program is really right for your organization or community. You might want to have the coalition members fill it out together. When completed, determine if the number of problems you have will jeopardize the successful implementation of the program.

Program Checklist

This Program Can... Problem No Problem
Can be accomplished in the given time period    
Can be accomplished with the given budget    
Is wanted by the target population    
Fits with the goals of our organization    
Does not duplicate an existing program    
The program will be easy to implement    
Other organizations may be willing to co-sponsor    
Has the potential to become incorporated into the community    
We have the expertise (or access to expertise) to develop and implement    
This activity can be evaluated    

Adapted From: MDH Community Health Promotion Kit.