Coalitions & Evaluating Success - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Is Your Coalition on the Road to Success?


A coalition is a structured arrangement for cooperation and collaboration between otherwise unrelated groups or organizations, in which each group retains its identity, but all agree to work together toward a common, mutually agreed-upon goal.

The characteristics of a successful coalition are incorporated into this checklist. If you can check "yes" for most of these items, your coalition is likely to be on the road to success.

Characteristics Yes No Needs Work
The coalition has a common, unifying purpose      
Coalition members are actively involved in establishing goals, objectives, and activities      
The coalition has clearly defined operating procedures      
The coalition members have clear definitions of the roles they are supposed to play      
The coalition has the support and influence of key leaders in the community      
The coalition uses a common vocabulary and communicates effectively among members      
The coalition has accepted leadership      
The coalition requires a commitment of time from all members      
The coalition has procedures for measuring its progress and how well it is meeting agreed-upon goals and objectives      
The coalition has a staff member who gives the coalition regular attention      

Adapted From: Successful Coalitions: How and Why, Rita La Pard.