What is the Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee?

The Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee (MDSC) was convened in 1981 and has been meeting quarterly ever since. Its 15-20 members represent major medical, professional, and voluntary groups having a strong interest in diabetes. The Committee has statewide reach, exerting influence and advocating for collaborative action and policy change to benefit diabetes control and prevention in Minnesota.     

Thirty years after its founding, the MDSC is still actively:

  • Providing the vision and direction for reducing the impact of diabetes in the state
  • Guiding the Minnesota Diabetes Program
  • Influencing statewide diabetes agenda
  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships

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Purpose of the Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee

The primary purpose of the MDSC is to plan, develop, actively promote and monitor implementation of the Minnesota Diabetes Plan and advise and assist the Minnesota Diabetes Program and to other organizations and programs implementing the State Plan.

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History and Accomplishments of the Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee

1981   The Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee was first convened

1988   Developed 4 background papers & recommendations on diabetes: Eye Disease, Hypertension, Amputations, and Pregnancy

1990    Published report: Preventing & Controlling Complications

1990   Completed first State Diabetes Plan: Minnesota Plan to Prevent Disability from Diabetes for 2000

1991– 2000  Highlights of MDSC member-led 2000 Plan accomplishments:

    1. Developed the “how to” manual, Diabetes and Quality Improvement: A Guide for Primary Care, used by organizations internationally
    2. Published 2 reports in 1994: State & County Estimates of Diagnosed Diabetics, and Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Complications
    3. Created the Guidelines for Diabetes Care in Long Term Care Facilities, now in their 4th edition
    4. Published Voices from the Community Focus Group Report, 1997
    5. Held the annual Changing Face of Diabetes in Minnesota Conference on health disparities and diabetes since 1995
    6. Passed bills that mandate insurance coverage for diabetes supplies, equipment, and education
    7. Secured legislative funding for the Minnesota Diabetes Program, the annual Changing Face of Diabetes Conference , and the WOLF - Work Out Low Fat program
    8. Developed diabetes objectives for the Healthy Minnesotans Public Health Goals for 2004
    9. Published data on diabetes prevalence and complications in the Minnesota County Health Profiles

2001   Initiated development of the next diabetes state plan for 2010

2003   Released the Minnesota Diabetes Plan 2010 and the Diabetes in Minnesota Report

2004   Developed Diabetes Plan CENTRAL (Collaborative Exchange Network To Raise Awareness & Learning) is a web tool designed to serve as an interactive communication hub for the diabetes community to facilitate accomplishing the goals of the Plan; Launched the Diabetes Plan Dialog newsletter, an online publication to facilitate ongoing conversation about the Plan; Created guidelines for committee advocacy; Participated in the Steps to a Healthier US grant application which was awarded $1.5-2 million to fund four communities to work on diabetes and other conditions; Helped shape the content of a new health information web site www.minnesotahealthinfo.org; and Co-host four "Join the Journey" regional meetings in Greater Minnesota to promote state plans for a number of chronic conditions.

2005   Developed a“working draft” of the Minnesota Diabetes Plan 2010 Evaluation Design; Released the Minnesota Diabetes Plan 2010 Year 1 Progress Report [PDF/20 pages/1.2MB]; Launched the Diabetes Action Network, a way for the Minnesota diabetes community to share information on Plan-related activities via the web

2009-2010 Began planning goals and focus areas for 2015. Action groups to move forward on the focus areas will be launched in 2011. 

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Current Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee (MDSC) Activities

The MDSC is currently working to support implementation of the Minnesota Diabetes Plan 2010.

The Committee's roles are to:

  •    Promote the Plan statewide
  •    Monitor and evaluate implementation of the Plan
  •    Provide technical assistance and expert consultation
  •    Publish results and lessons learned

In 2005, the MDSC is leading the effort to update the diabetes objectives for the Healthy Minnesotans Public Health Goals for 2010.

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