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You can control your diabetes!

Don’t let it control you. Here are some tips and resources for living well with diabetes.

Control Your Diabetes Bus Ad: Ignoring Your Diabetes? Bad Idea! Take Control - You're worth it.Diabetes doesn’t go away if you ignore it. It just gets worse. Taking control does not have to be a lot of work. Simple changes can keep you healthy.  Click here for some tips.
Control Your Diabetes Bus Ad: Have Diabetes? Put the Squeeze on High Blood Pressure.Having diabetes makes heart attack and stroke more likely—but it doesn’t have to. Keeping your blood pressure under control will help lower your risk for many health problems. Click here for some tips.
Control Your Diabetes Bus Ad: Have Diabetes? Stay Active to Feel Better.Staying active can help you control your diabetes. Do things you enjoy, from gardening to playing ball to walking with friends. Get moving every day to feel better with diabetes. Click here for some tips.

Provider’s Prediabetes Tool Kit

Visit the newly updated MN Dept of Health’s I CAN Prevent Diabetes Prediabetes Health Providers Tool Kit to see the updated Minnesota Prediabetes Screening and Treatment Algorithm, new CDC tools for providers and patients to promote the National Diabetes Prevention Program, and  Where to Find a NDPP Group in Minnesota, and current Minnesota factsheets about the impact of diabetes and prediabetes in our state.

Search for a Minnesota National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) near you. 

The CDC National Registry of Recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs lists contact information for programs that offer type 2 diabetes prevention programs.  Use this link to FIND A PROGRAM in Minnesota.


Diabetes and Prediabetes Fact Sheets(updated 3-21-2013)

How do diabetes and prediabetes affect Minnesotans?  Who is at risk?  What are the trends?  What does this tell us?  What can you do about it?  Learn more using the new fact sheets on Diabetes and Prediabetes.

Risk Test link imageKnow your risk. Take the quiz and take steps to prevent type 2 diabetes!

Click here to take the diabetes risk test [http://stopdiabetes.com/get-the-facts/risk-test.html]
Click here to take one step and make a plan for preventing diabetes [http://ndep.nih.gov/resources/diabetes-healthsense/just-one-step.aspx]

The Process for Medication Disposal

Medications play a vital role in our health care system, and sometimes there can be unused and expired over-the-counter and prescription medication. Click here for more on the recommended procedure for medication disposal. [http://mnsmartdisposal.com/]