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Event Name: Motivational Interviewing Coding
Start: 08/21/2014
End: 03/01/2015
Location: From your phone
Multiple locations: No
Registration Deadline: 03/01/2015
Cost: Not Available
Audience: Family home visitors, supervisors and those working with family home visiting
Description: Are you interested in developing your MI skills? Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Scale (MITI) coding feedback will be offered to family home visiting staff, supervisors or partners. This feedback technique, called coding, uses the MITI Scale to build MI skills.  Participants will receive verbal and written feedback on their use of MI. It is hoped that with improved fidelity and confidence, the participants will support others within their agency and/or region to use MI.  

To find out more information about this project send an e-mail to

Applications should be received between August 21, 2014 and March 1 2015. This project ends March 30, 2015.

For more information: Terri McNeil
Phone: 651-201-3765