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Event Name: Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC): Comprehensive Screening Components Training (3-day training)
Start: 10/24/2017
End: 10/26/2017
Location: Mille Lacs County Historic Courthouse
Multiple locations: No
Registration Deadline: 10/17/2017
Cost: Not Available
Audience: This training is for Public Health Nurses (PHN) and Registered Nurses (RN)
Description: This 3-day workshop is a requirement for PHNs/RNs to practice complete C&TC exams in the public health setting. This workshop includes an introduction to C&TC screening standards and components and provides a systematic review of a physical exam, range of normal findings, common problems that may be encountered, and referral criteria. In addition, a practicum of instructor demonstrations and participant return demonstrations with child models is included to enhance participants physical examination skills. This training includes preparation homework, a 3-day in-class workshop, post-workshop practice exams with a mentor in your own clinic, and an on-site clinical consultation and skills assessment
For more information: Faith Kidder
Phone: 651-201-3762