CHS Mailbag and Calendar

CHS Mailbag and Calendar

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The CHS Mailbag and Calendar - or "the Mailbag" as it is commonly called - is a continuously updated, online bulletin of information submitted by and for local public health in Minnesota. The purpose of the Mailbag is to provide a coordinated, non-duplicative source of information for local public health professionals, including announcements, events, tools, resources, and jobs.

This free service is designed with the following audiences in mind: SCHSAC members, CHS Administrators, Public Health Directors, local public health staff, MDH staff, and "friends of local public health" in Minnesota.

The CHS Mailbag and Calendar are continuously updated; new submissions are posted each business day. All postings are deleted after one month. Postings are not permanently archived.

Anyone can submit information for inclusion using our online submission forms: General Information, Position Openings, or Upcoming Events. Submissions received after 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, will generally be posted within two business days. Please note: We reserve the right to edit your submissions for length and content. We also reserve the right to exclude submissions. If you have questions, please contact us at

A summary of the week's CHS Mailbag and Calendar postings is emailed weekly to people who subscribe via GovDelivery. This list currently has over 3,000 subscribers.