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Local Public Health Act

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Which categorical grants are included in the Local Public Health Act?


Eight categorical grants were consolidated into the Local Public Health Act, including:

  • CHS Subsidy
  • Maternal and Child Health State Funding
  • Family Home Visiting
  • WIC (state funding only)
  • Eliminating Health Disparities – Tribal Funding
  • TANF Youth Risk Behavior
  • MN ENABL (TANF funding only)
  • Infant Mortality

What funding is available under the Local Public Health Act?


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Who receives Local Public Health Act funding?


Funding from the Local Public Health Act is available through separate funding formulas to Community Health Boards and to Tribal Governments.

Are there different requirements related to various funding sources?


Yes, each specific funding source (federal TANF, federal Title V, and state general funds) has some specific requirements. Requirements will be based on federal or state statutory requirements. For example, TANF and Title V funding must be used to meet federal requirements. More specific information about each funding source is available:

Where can I find the instructions and worksheets for local assessment and planning?


What does "within the limits of available funding" mean?


The statute includes a statement that local public health agencies will "determine the mechanisms by which the CHB will address the local public health priorities …within the limits of available funding". This means that CHBs with less money would not be expected to do as much as another board with more resources.

This phrase was inserted to acknowledge the great variation in size and resources among CHBs. It does NOT mean that some CHBs will NOT conduct some of the essential local activities. Instead, "within the limits of available funding" means that although every area is expected to do or assure all of the essential local activities, the specific mechanisms they choose to address these could vary quite a bit from one area to the next.

For example, one CHB might choose to use only readily available data for an assessment of physical activity, while another might decide to conduct an extensive local opinion survey. Or, one CHB might directly contact every provider regarding compliance with reporting rules, while another might notify providers by sending a letter.

Where can I find the instructions for the annual planning and performance measurement reporting system (PPMRS)?


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