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Every Positive Alternatives site has information and referrals to local resources such as medical care, supplemental nutrition, housing assistance, child care assistance, adoption services, parenting education, and education assistance employment assistance.

Topic: Finding medical care

I don't have health insurance. How can I pay for the medical care I'll need?
Grantees can help pregnant women find medical care for themselves and their babies. In many cases, insurance may pay expenses. Even if you have been turned down for state-funded insurance programs in the past, you may be eligible for one now because the qualifications and income guidelines are different for women who are pregnant. If you don't qualify for assistance with the cost of medical care, Positive Alternatives grantees may be able to help find a low-cost alternative. They may be able to connect you with a medical program to get you started on prenatal care quickly.
What is a Pregnancy Verification Form, why do I need one and where can I get one?
The Minnesota Medical Assistance application is available to anyone who wants to apply for health care coverage in the state. However, for women who are pregnant, there are different eligibility criteria that make it easier to qualify for benefits. In order to be considered under these special eligibility criteria, you have to submit proof of your pregnancy along with your Medical Assistance application. This proof is the Pregnancy Verification Form. Many Positive Alternatives grantees can provide a Pregnancy Verification Form or connect you with a medical clinic that will provide the form without charge.
Do any grantees provide prenatal medical care?
Some grantees provide prenatal medical care on-site. They are all located in the metro area. All grantees have information and referrals for local prenatal care providers.
I'm not a citizen. Can I get medical coverage?
Medical Assistance, the health insurance offered by the State of Minnesota for income-eligible people, may provide health insurance and hospitalization benefits to women who are not citizens. All Positive Alternatives grantees have information about obtaining these medical benefits. Some grantees provide information in languages other than English.