Information, Resources and Services

Every Positive Alternatives site has information and referrals to local resources such as medical care, supplemental nutrition, housing assistance, child care assistance, adoption services, parenting education, and education assistance employment assistance.

Topic: Resources for pregnant women

What is WIC?
WIC is a nutrition program that helps eligible pregnant women, new mothers, babies and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. WIC provides nutrition education and counseling, nutritious foods, and referrals to health and other social services. You can find out more about WIC and locate the nearest WIC clinic by going to the WIC website. Positive Alternatives grantees can also tell you where to find the WIC provider in your area.
Can I get information and resources to help me make an adoption plan?
All Positive Alternatives grantees can provide you with information on and referrals to local adoption resources. Some of the grantees are licensed adoption agencies and can provide you with information about making an adoption plan. They can assist you in determining the type of adoption you would like and help you select an adoptive family for your child. These organizations are often willing to travel to you as well.
I might need help getting things for my baby like a car seat, crib or baby clothes. Are these things available?
Cradle of Hope crib sites take applications for cribs. To find the nearest crib site, contact the Cradle of Hope office at 651-636-0637 or go to their web site Other Positive Alternatives grantees provide opportunities to earn a crib, car seat, or other items through educational programs. Baby and maternity clothes are available at some locations.
What if I need help with rent?
There are programs for pregnant women and women parenting infants that provide financial assistance for pregnancy or childbirth-related expenses. Some of the Positive Alternatives sites provide direct assistance in these circumstances; some can assist you by taking your application for another organization. Cradle of Hope is a statewide Positive Alternatives-funded program that takes applications from pregnant women and women with babies under 3 months old who need financial help. To contact Cradle of Hope, call 651-636-0637 or go to their web site,
Can I stay in school while I'm pregnant?
All Positive Alternatives grantees have information on and referrals to local educational programs specifically for pregnant students. Some of the grantees have programs specifically for pregnant and parenting teens. If you want to work on your GED, Positive Alternatives grantees can help connect you to your local GED program.
I want to finish my education and get a good job before I start to parent.
All Positive Alternatives grantees have information on and referrals to local education and employment assistance programs. Some provide these programs as part of their services.
Since I'm pregnant, I can't stay where I have been living. Are there resources for me?
All of the Positive Alternatives grantees have information on local housing resources. Two of the grantees are residences for pregnant women. Contact any Positive Alternatives grantee for more information.