Information, Resources and Services

Every Positive Alternatives site has information and referrals to local resources such as medical care, supplemental nutrition, housing assistance, child care assistance, adoption services, parenting education, and education assistance employment assistance.

Topic: Need help to be a good parent?

Where can I get information and resources to help me be a good parent?
All of the Positive Alternatives grantees have information on local parenting resources. Several of them offer various types of parenting education programs. Some are directed to pregnant teens who are in school; some are offered through individual sessions or in classroom settings.
What kinds of child care services are available in my area?
Availability of child care and types of resources vary widely depending on where you live. Assistance in paying for child care also differs from one area to the next. All Positive Alternatives grantees have information on and referrals to local child care resources and assistance programs. Check with a grantee near you for services in your area.
What do I have to do to be able to take parenting classes?
There are many different kinds of programs funded by Positive Alternatives that include parenting classes. Some are school-based programs, two are residential and provide a place to live during your pregnancy, some allow you to earn items you'll need for your baby, like a crib or car seat by attending one or more classes, and some provide opportunities for learning throughout your pregnancy. For details on each program, contact the grantee that provides the classes.
I want to finish my education and get a good job before I start to parent.
All Positive Alternatives grantees have information on and referrals to local education and employment assistance programs. Some provide these programs as part of their services.