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Every Positive Alternatives site has information and referrals to local resources such as medical care, supplemental nutrition, housing assistance, child care assistance, adoption services, parenting education, and education assistance employment assistance.

Topic: Resources for baby

What kinds of child care services are available in my area?
Availability of child care and types of resources vary widely depending on where you live. Assistance in paying for child care also differs from one area to the next. All Positive Alternatives grantees have information on and referrals to local child care resources and assistance programs. Check with a grantee near you for services in your area.
How can I get a car seat for my baby?
There are several different grantees that provide car seats. While you won't have to pay anything, they have different requirements for earning or accessing the car seats. All of them will require that you learn how to put your baby into the seat properly and the seat into your car properly before you can take it with you. Because you will have to take your baby home from the hospital in a car seat, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to find out about where you can get a seat and learn how to use it before you go into labor.
How can I get a crib?
Positive Alternatives grantees have several ways to help you get a crib. Portable cribs are available through Cradle of Hope to those in financial need. Call Cradle of Hope at 651-636-0637 or go to their web site Other grantees have parenting education programs that allow anyone to earn a crib through participation in individual or classroom sessions.
Where can I go for diapers or clothes for my baby?
Some Positive Alternatives grantees provide diapers, baby clothes and other material items for babies.
What if I need help with rent?
There are programs for pregnant women and women parenting infants that provide financial assistance for pregnancy or childbirth-related expenses. Some of the Positive Alternatives sites provide direct assistance in these circumstances; some can assist you by taking your application for another organization. Cradle of Hope is a statewide Positive Alternatives-funded program that takes applications from pregnant women and women with babies under 3 months old who need financial help. To contact Cradle of Hope, call 651-636-0637 or go to their web site,