Eligibility Decision Guidelines
(Birth to 3 Years)

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The information below is meant as a guide to assist those working to determine the eligibility status of an infant or toddler under the age of three for Infant and Toddler Intervention (Part C) services.

The absence of a specific diagnosis or condition listed on this web site does not automatically rule out a child´s eligibility status. In order to adequately determine eligibility, it might be necessary to obtain additional information from the child´s health care provider, as well as compile available developmental outcome information related to the condition. Eligibility technical assistance is available by emailing

For more information, visit our Definitions & Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

An infant or toddler residing in MN under the age of three is eligible for early intervention services when:

The child meets the criteria for any one of the special education disability categories – as defined in MN Administrative Rules Chapter 3525, Children with a Disability :


The child meets one of the following criteria for developmental delay:

  1. the child is experiencing a developmental delay that is demonstrated by a score of 1.5 standard deviations or more below the mean, as measured by the appropriate assessment and evaluation procedures , in one or more of the following areas:
    • Cognitive development
    • Physical development, including vision and hearing
    • Communication development
    • Social or emotional development
    • Adaptive development


  2. the child has a diagnosed physical or mental health condition or disorder with a high probability of resulting in a delay, regardless of whether the child is currently demonstrating a need or delay. Here are some examples of these conditions.


An Informed Clinical Opinion (ICO) is used to independently establish eligibility through the use of professional knowledge and skills of the early intervention staff, as well as other professionals involved with the child and family. When establishing eligibility using ICO independently, clearly describe the rationale behind the decision and incorporate information from a variety of sources. ICO for eligibility under developmental delay is established through a review of medical or other records. For more information, see Informed Clinical Opinion paper from the National Early Childhood TA Center (PDF)