Infant & Toddler

Infant and Toddler Intervention
(Birth to 3 Years)

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Minnesota´s Infant and Toddler Intervention program provides services for children birth to three years of age who may be experiencing delays in their development for several reasons, including special health conditions. These services are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of each child and his/her family.

Who is eligible?

Young children with developmental delays or with diagnosed physical or mental health conditions or disorders with a high probability of resulting in a delay, regardless of whether the child is currently demonstrating a need or delay. Visit our Guidelines for making eligibility decision (birth to 3 years of age) Web page for detailed eligibility information and to view examples of high probability conditions.

What types of services are available to eligible children?

Services are based on the child and family´s needs and priorities. Parents are essential team members in the decision-making process of identifying services for their family. Core services at no cost to the family include service coordination and Early Childhood Special Education and related services (i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech services). Additional services, which depend on the child and family´s specific needs, may include:

  • Assistive technology devices and services
  • Audiology services
  • Family training, counseling, and home visits
  • Health services
  • Medical services, diagnostic only
  • Nursing services
  • Nutrition services
  • Psychological services
  • Transportation and related costs
  • Vision services
  • Other – this list is not exhaustive

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have concerns about a child´s development, talk to the child´s health care provider, call 1–866–693–4769 or use the MN Help Me Grow online referral form to talk with an early childhood specialist.

Visit the Help Me Grow web site for additional information on MN Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention Services.