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MEDSS Training Materials

Local Public Health workers must complete the MEDSS self–study training to gain access to MEDSS.

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) and Birth Defects Training


KBS Rating Supplement Tool (PDF)

Minnesota Parent Roadmap


Information from previous Local Public Health Conferences

A copy of the EHDI "What you Need to Know" Parent Resource Organizer that is sent to families by MDH after Diagnosis of hearing loss.

EHDI ChecklistEHDI Checklist for LPH EHDI Key Contacts: Promising practices for follow-up of Screening/Rescreening Notifications developed by the LPH EHDI Quality improvement Collaborative.

Your Baby's Hearing Fact SheetYour Baby's Hearing: It's Important to Test again: Parent education material for screening notifications developed by the LPH EHDI Quality Improvement Collaborative.


Please note: These newsletters have been stopped as of June 2016.


Date Work/Training Completed Invoice Due Date
January 1 to March 31 April 30
April 1 to June 30 July 30
July 1 to September 30 October 30
October 1 to December 31 January 30


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