Family Planning

Family Planning

Family planning is the voluntary planning and action taken by individuals to prevent, delay or achieve a pregnancy. Family planning services include counseling and education, preconception care, screening and laboratory tests, and all FDA approved methods of contraception.

Family Planning Special Projects Grant Program Request for Proposal (RFP) Materials (Word)

Correction to RFP Materials. Please replace page 20 with this corrected page (Word)

  1. Question: Can you submit a copy of the proposal to the Community Health Board (Form H) after you submit it by email to MDH?

    Answer: Yes you can send it to Community Health Board after but do it within a few days.

  2. Question: On the Work Plan (Form B), can you combine Referral and Follow-Up?

    Answer: Yes if you wish but just be clear and detailed about your plans

  3. Question: Do you want us to include a Table of Contents page at the beginning of our proposal

    Answer: No, you do not need to include a Table of Contents as long as you follow the order on the Checklist on Page 20 and number the pages consecutively. We use to ask for a Table of Contents but have decided it is not necessary for this RFP

  • Family Planning Special Projects (FPSP) Grant Program
    FPSP is a grant program established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1978. FPSP funds are appropriated biannually by the Minnesota Legislature to fund family planning programs throughout the State of Minnesota.

  • Other Family Planning Services in Minnesota
    Find a clinic near you that offers family planning services. Ask questions about family planning or STDs. Learn about the Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP) administered by Minnesota Department of Human Services.