Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force

Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Advisory Task Force was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1982, and reestablished in 2012, to advise the Commissioner of Health on the health care services/needs of maternal and child health populations in Minnesota, on the use of funds for maternal and child health and children with special health needs administered through MDH, and the priorities and goals for maternal and child health activities. The work of the Task Force is governed by a set of operating procedures approved by the membership.

MCH Advisory Task Force Open Seats

The Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force (MCHATF) has 15 legislatively authorized positions and is now accepting applications to fill two open seats.

The MCHATF is seeking consumers who have an interest in the health outcomes of mothers and children to fill its Consumer Representative vacancy and a county health board member or employee to fill a vacant Community Health Board Representative seat.

If interested in joining this group, please visit the Open Appointments page on the Minnesota Secretary of State Boards/Commissions website to apply online by clicking this link: MN Secretary of State Open Appointments, or go to to download a paper copy of the application to complete. When applying, please remember to attach a copy of your resume or other documentation describing your experience and interest you wish to have considered.

For additional information about the MCHATF or these open positions, direct your inquiries via email to

Deadline to apply is April 30, 2018.

MCH Advisory Task Force Operating Procedures (PDF)

MCH Advisory Task Force Meeting Information