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"Make a Date" Campaign - Tell Us Your Story

October - Let's Talk MonthParents, guardians and caring adults - share your story of a time when your child asked you about the birds and the bees, and/or you had an open and honest conversation about relationships and sexuality. How did you handle it? What would've made it easier? What was great about it? Share your story as part of our #MakeaDate campaign in October 2018 for a chance to win an age-appropriate book about having these conversations.


Beyond the Big Talk Revised Edition book cover Beyond the Big Talk Revised Edition: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Teens - From Middle School to High School and Beyond Paperback - March 27, 2008
From Diapers to Dating book cover From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children - From Infancy to Middle School Paperback - March 27, 2008
It's Not the Stork book cover It's Not the Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends (The Family Library) Paperback - August 26, 2008
Amazing You! book cover Amazing You!: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts Paperback - January 31, 2008