Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee

This committee is known as the Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee and was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 2007. This committee and its membership, functions, and objectives are described in Minnesota Statute section 144.966.

The Advisory Committee is intended to function in an advisory capacity to the Minnesota Department of Health program managers in newborn screening and the children and youth with special health needs (CYSHN) subject areas and, ultimately, to the Commissioner of Health. They are "to advise and assist the Department of Health and the Department of Education in developing protocols and timelines for screening, rescreening, and diagnostic audiological assessment and early medical, audiological, and educational intervention services for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing." This committee is to extend and supplement the range of expertise of MDH's and MDE's technical staff. It is not intended that the Advisory Committee become involved in the day-to-day operational and administrative aspects of program resources, program management, or personnel matters.

Meeting Information:

February 5, 2014

November 13, 2013