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The Minnesota–based Native Teen Voices study of 148 Native male and female adolescents identified five themes for preventing teen pregnancy in Native communities. American Indian adolescents in Minnesota have the highest teen pregnancy rate compared to all other racial/ethnic groups.

  • Show Native youth the reality and consequences of adolescent pregnancy
  • Enhance and develop culturally relevant school– and community–based pregnancy prevention programs for Native youth through the implementation of Native–led pregnancy prevention discussions (relying on family members and elders) and culturally based activities and programs (e.g., include Native ceremonies and other cultural practices)
  • Improve Native adolescents‘ access to contraceptives
  • Discuss adolescent pregnancy with Native youth allowing them the opportunity to talk to Native peers and facilitators or other trusted adults about the issue
  • Use key prevention messages and media which includes representations of AI/AN youth to reach Native youth.
(Garwick, A.W., Rhodes K.L., Peterson–Hickey M., and Hellerstedt, W.L. 2008. Native Teen Voices: Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Recommendations. Journal of Adolescent Health. 42: 81–88).

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