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Youth in Foster Care


Minnesota has an estimated 11,400 children in foster care, fifty-one percent of whom are ages 13 and older. (Foster care: Temporary out-of-home care for children, Minnesota Department of Human Services.) Research has found that youth in foster care report frequent pressure to engage in sexual activity, inadequate information about pregnancy prevention and many benefits to having a child at a young age. Teens in foster care also discuss challenging or absent relationships with parents, but a desire to have strong connections and communication with adults in their life.

Primary and secondary prevention of teen pregnancy is essential to meeting the needs of this population. Strategies include ensuring proper healthcare and supporting teen parents in finishing school and becoming self-sufficient, as well as providing accurate high-quality information and education about teen pregnancy to all youth. (Love, L. T., McIntosh, J., Rosst, M. and Tertzakian, K. 2005. Fostering Hope: Preventing Teen Pregnancy Among Youth in Foster Care. National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy).

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