Prenatal to Three

Prenatal to Three

Raising Minnesota - Who We Are

The Minnesota Department of Health is working to counter structural inequities and structural racism in the policies, systems, and environments that surround pregnant and parenting families with young children. Putting the focus on supporting safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments and social and economic security for families enables the state, communities, and families to take action in reducing risk and adversity to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

Our Strategies - Getting Started

  1. Build public understanding
    Build awareness and urgency around the science of early childhood development and the opportunities for future health and well-being.

  2. Support community innovation
    Community driven planning, ownership, impact and action can engage a broad range of stakeholders who may otherwise not be connected with each other. This increases community relationships and resilience as well as meaningful changes in policies, systems, and environments for young children and families.

  3. Promote health in all policies
    Approaching policy change through the lens of supporting relationships, environments, and social and economic security will help ensure pregnant and parenting families with young children have what they need to thrive
The Raising of America - Early Childhood and the Future of our Nation banner

The Raising of America

The Raising of America Series is a five-part documentary series that explores the questions:

  • Why are so many children in America doing so poorly?
  • What are the costs for the nation’s future?
  • How might we, as a nation, do better?

Watch the trailer (30 seconds)
Watch the trailer (11 minutes)

All around Minnesota, groups are watching the documentary and having community conversations. Our goal is to give communities the tools to host these screenings and discussions, and capture what is said. Some of the challenges and opportunities found through these discussions can help inform future policy.

Raising of America Resources:

First page of the Child Olympics PDF available under the Use activities and other graphsUse the Action Toolkit from the California News Reel
Using this tool no only makes the process easier for you, but it keeps each event somewhat consistent.

The Six Elements of a New Conversation section explains why it is so important to have community conversations and take action. Then, the toolkit walks you through the seven steps you can take to host a screening in your area. This includes examples, discussion suggestions, and more. Finally, and importantly, find out how to ensure a productive discussion after the screening.

Use activities and other graphs
Use these charts and graphs to promote your event, get buy-in from organizations, or explain inequities to community members.

Use and share these one-pagers developed by MDH:

If you have watched the documentary - as an individual or a group - please take a few minutes to add your voice to state-wide change by completing this short survey. MDH is asking these questions all around Minnesota - we are interested in your experiences raising and supporting children in Minnesota. Your answers, along with others, will help identify common themes, issues, and opportunities that will inform policy changes. All of your answers will be kept confidential and anonymous - only themes will be shared. If you would like to have the results sent you, you have the option to enter an email address.

Other Resources