Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools

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Guideline #10: Finances

10.1 Funding Sources
The school board’s responsibility is to ensure resources to support its school health program. The school board can also raise and successfully package funds from a variety of other sources, such as third-party reimbursement, general funds, local time-study dollars, special education funding, and grants.

Some students need medication to benefit from special education. The time spent by eligible staff, such as nurses, can be eligible for state aide if accurately documented and reported in the district’s Electronic Data Reporting System (EDRS). In addition, the district is able to bill third parties such as Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare (MnCare) for those students who are eligible for MA or MnCare and when all billing requirements are in place.

Under the direction of the board, people from within the system, such as members of the health advisory committee, can identify financial sources and write grant applications to strengthen their district’s health services program. Some grants will pay for equipment and some will pay for pilot programs, allowing the district to try out different levels of staffing.

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