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Medication Administration in Schools

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Medication Skills Checklists - 2008
These medication skills checklists can and are to be used to train and validate, as well as provide minimum standards for school staff administering medications in the school setting. [This procedure can be modified based on the individual´s needs of the student(s)and the abilities of the employee.] It is the school nurses responsibility to determine that the employee has demonstrated competency in performing the task/skill by using the checklist. The employee should be observe actually performing the skill or be able to verbalize and demonstrate competency to perform the skill. When the employee has successfully completed a task or skill, the instructor is to complete the "Successfully completed" line and the "Inst. Initials/Signature" line. The "Needs to review and repeat" and "Areas that need review" as well as the "Signature line" is to be completed if the employee needs further training in an area or needs to be observed again. The School Staff also needs to sign the form. The forms must be completed in ink and dated.

Over-the-Counter Medications in Minnesota, 2007